A small, unofficial, artist-built, drystone installation has existed on Lindisfarne’s northern shore in various forms since 2002 and has accrued various names – the hut, shed, bothy, shelter. Over the years a diverse range of individuals encountering the site have left their mark there in the form of written, photographic, digital and found materials which have been collected and conserved. In December 2013 the tidal surge which swept the coast partially destroyed the structure. During the rebuilding process it suffered further damage as the result of a fire where roof timbers and other materials including a tractor tyre were set alight by an arsonist, which rendered the stonework cracked and crumbling. Plans to demolish the charred remains and reconstruct the shelter are underway.This website contains a range of documentation recording the diversity of practice associated with the site, loosely categorised as notebooks, artworks, texts, objects, history and past and current events. Please follow the links below to view the archive in full.





Curators: Sally Madge and Adam Phillips

Assistant Curators: Rowan Mills and Ditte Goard